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Personalized Mental Health Care

Offering telehealth and in-person therapy.

I accept most major insurances, and I offer self-pay and out-of-network options.

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After we schedule your initial intake session, I will send you confidentiality and consent forms, as well as a general intake document. This will facilitate the intake session, during which we will cover some basic background information and the reason your seeking therapy at this time. 

Subsequent sessions will be personalized to your individual needs. In broad terms, therapy typically follows a 3-step course: 

- Exploring the reason for therapy

- Working through, or resolving, those challenges

- Consolidating the work done in therapy and ending therapy

Therapy can be time-limited or long-term. Time limited therapy typically ranges from 12-16 weeks to address a specific, predetermined concern. Most people opt not to set a specific end date. Additionally, therapy is typically held the same time and day each week.

Client responsibilities include:

- Committing to the therapeutic process including:

- Sharing as openly as possible and working on therapeutic change

- Prioritizing therapy such regularly attending sessions, which are typically scheduled at the same time each week

- Covering the agreed upon costs based upon discussion with Dr. Weingarden and the policies described in the consent form. 

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