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Therapy Tailored to Your Needs

Dr. Weingarden offers diverse approaches to treatment for adult clients with various reasons for seeking support. Some approaches identify a specific problem and involve identifying solutions, such as behavior change. Other approaches are more exploratory and insight-focused. Combining the two often helps with some quick symptom improvement while building an understanding of yourself that contributes to sustained improvements in wellbeing.

Both virtual and in-person sessions are offered. Other terms for virtual therapy include telehealth or telemedicine, which can be done using video-chat or phone. In-person sessions are offered in Aspwinwall. Some of the areas of specialization are listed below.

Therapy Session


Many people seek therapy for low-mood, anxiety, adjustments to life changes or stressors and self-exploration. Dr. Weingarden is trained in various approaches to talk therapy including but not limited to Interpersonal Dynamic therapy, Interpersonal Social Rhythm Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Cognitive Behavior Therapy. 

Interpersonal or relational therapy is based on 2 assumptions:

  1. Humans are fundamentally social beings. Emotional problems can be understood in an interpersonal context.

  2. Therapy involves a "therapeutic relationship," which, while in some ways unique to social relationships, also provides opportunity to explore our ways of relating, beliefs about ourselves, others and how relationships work, and our patterns of engaging with others.

Consequently, therapy provides a unique opportunity to explore relationships and ultimately improve the quality of relationships and life. ​

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